"Carolyn is a shining example of a executive professional who can set and maintain a clear strategic vision, whilst bringing empathy and care to help us work through the complexities and dynamics at the task level. Above and beyond this, she has become a personal mentor and champion in my own development as an emerging female leader.”

Hollie Gordon, Director of Business Development and Social Impact Heartbeat AI

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"Carolyn has the innate ability to help us simplify and extract our vision down to the core goals and then coach us to realize and build actionable strategies to help achieve these.”

Dennis Pal, COO Heartbeat AI

"Carolyn's direction and care have really enabled us to focus on what’s most essential for growing our business. By breaking down the complex into simple and bite-sized pieces, she has supported us to identify what’s most critical versus less priority tasks, while staying rooted and aligned to our vision, goals and values. Thank you Carolyn for sharing your passion, expertise and talent with us.”

Angie Fleming, Director of Human Experience and Storytelling Heartbeat AI

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Top emotions: Achievement, pride, success, confidence and certainty.

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“I have admired Carolyn’s work and leadership for many years. This time, I had the honour to learn from her first hand, as a new Founder and CEO of my first startup. With Carolyn’s clear guidance, in just 3 months we have achieved what might take a year. She was an experienced guide and mentor during our first Business Plan development and team on-boarding. She helped us set our vision and mission, our goals and KPIs. I recommend any start-up CEO to work with Carolyn and learn from her vast experience.”

Lana Novikova, CEO Heartbeat AI