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Partners with Purpose

Curated Partners

Brand for Benefit has partnered, vetted, shared a coffee with and definitely endorsed the following like minded partners.

Natural Products Canada (NPC)

Natural Products Canada (NPC) is a not-for-profit organization with a vision to help Canada flourish as the Silicon Valley of natural products. NPC works with the diverse Canadian commercialization ecosystem, providing insights, introductions, and investment to move natural products to market faster, cheaper, and more efficiently.

Emotion Analytics

Heartbeat Ai quickly transforms text input from any source - surveys, call center transcripts, customer reviews - into ten primary and a hundred secondary emotion categories, which are derived from thousands of words and phrases. These emotion groups reveal insights into the "deep why" behind behaviour, and are accessible through a user-friendly dashboard within minutes.  We deliver the data essential for understanding the main drivers of human behaviour: in depth, with accuracy, at scale, in near-real time.​


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