Welcome to the Emotion of Employee Engagement, a first of its kind global human resources survey seeking to understand how emotions affect and offer insight into an organization's culture, performance, retention and overall well-being.  Participation for the first twenty-five companies is free.


Collective Partnership

This ground-breaking survey is sponsored in partnership between Brand for Benefit, WorkTango and Heartbeat AI. Our collective purpose is to help organizations around the world enhance their emotional intelligence through understanding. 

Your Opportunity

​• Measuring employee satisfaction provides awareness into what is happening in an organization
• Measuring emotion engagement reveals the why
• Understanding the intersection between employee engagement satisfaction and emotion provide
    deep insight into how to improve

A Positive Outcome

​• Develop the emotional insight necessary to drive change within your organization
• Understand the difference between the core emotions and how you can apply this understanding to
    your solutions
• Recognize that each emotion offers a unique key to maximizing your organization’s full potential 

​​Participation is FREE 

The first twenty-five companies participating in the survey are free. Results will be updated regularly on our website. Company results will be shared directly with the company sponsor. 

Learn more

Contact: carolyn@brandforbenefit.com for information 

Emotion of

Employee Engagement 

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