Brand for Benefit network. 
Each business is unique. Brand for Benefit will leverage it's vast network to put the best possible team to work based on your businesses stage. From marketing to public relations Brand for Benefit has got you covered through a team of like minded professionals.

CEO Carolyn Ansley
Carolyn is an award winning marketer, strategist, entrepreneur, mentor and volunteer. Carolyn has over twenty year experience in consumer package goods and is co-founder of one of the world’s earliest benefit corporations. She is passionate about using business for good and helping others grow their business through a purpose driven platform. 

Regulatory Guidance. 
Our regulatory team has over 15 years of consulting, certification and quality assurance experience.  We are committed to helping mission driven businesses achieve the success through exceptional regulatory guidance. 

About us

We do good better

Our Mission

Brand for Benefit believes that using business for good is good business.  Our mission is to inspire businesses to discover, leverage and share their greater purpose as a path to success. And to stop and enjoy the view along the way. 

Lake, sky, mountain, tree.

May you never cease to amaze. ​